Redefine a simple part of a fastener
and focus on the application.

The founded spirit of Hanwit is following the ideal below

Redefine a simple part of a fastener and focus on the application of all fields.

Research and develop diverse designs which conform to the structure of continuity and originality.
With time evolution, Hanwit has deeper expectation with fasteners.

With time evolution, Hanwit has deeper expectation with fasteners.

We plan to implement modular design production by regional service and provide better service of software and hardware.
Also, we will strengthen the integrating production demand of customers.

Hanwit was established in 2006.

We are mainly producing fastened parts about turning process which is applied to the end industry with diversification, such as TV, industrial computer, cloud server and power supply. Moreover, we can provide the comprehensive service of research and development, production and logistics management.

Especially, we insist on the reasonable price in order to provide the best quality and the function design with reliability and practicality. We also bring zinc alloy, plastic injection molding and special processing demand into the integrating mold test control.

Because of the popularization and application of intelligent products, the cloud technology, software and hardware are introduced to multiple loads design concept at the same time. The huge network and communication-search platform are brought into computing server and storage device. The simultaneous integrating design structure will approach simpler design of oriented evolution.

To the demand of using hardware fastened parts, we also ask to implement faster and more efficient design. Hanwit's new series of fastened parts will be modularized-oriented and customized-oriented. Moreover, we will give consideration to the competitive advantage on price in the meantime.

Through the new planning of our factory, we have professional CNC producing devices in an area of 1000 square meters and entirely implement the ISO-9000 and ISO-14000.
From the production of parts to the assembly of finished products, we also implement automated producing process to reduce production costs and increase productivity effects.

To the protection of Intellectual Property Right of products and the creative design concept, we have over 150 patents of products. And, we still continue developing the rapid fastened parts which are conformed to the use of cloud technologies.

We concern about the safety and health of the environment and care about the physical and mental health of our employees. So, we devote ourselves to ecosystem environment protection of the Earth.
The materials and producing process are all conformed to the EU ROHS standards.
We’ve tried our best to lower the destruction to the nature and strictly obey the government’s and customers’ standards.

We provide over 600 standards and customized products which can be used in IPC, TV and 3C products, and can be used in different environments in order to satisfy customers’ diverse product design demands.
It is requested to provide the integrating service of professional material technologies.

The Demo box can show you the applications of real products and explain the brief.
It can directly express and implement the applications and designs of new products into customers’ design structure in a short time.

Implementing the 3D phantom technologies of dynamic parts can be provided to customers and be connected to the global design center at once by internet and related sharing tools.